Haircut – $8

Includes a soothing hot lather neck shave for a finished look……

Shampoo – $4

Experience an old barber tradition leaving the scalp
cool and refreshed…..

Shave- $8

Relax with a gentle straight razor shave, hot lather
and soothing hot towels……

Color- $20

Finish your style with precision and detail to match your look…..

Styles – $3

Perfect styles for your look….

Beard Trim- $4

¬†Beard styles That work for your face shape….

Perm/Relaxer – $30

Add curl to hair , naturally straight……

Facial – $4

Multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin

Scale Treatment – $8

Fine details added to distinguish your style

Designs- $4

Find the perfect designs …..

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