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A+ Barber School Est. 2020

When Dave and Billie Jo first met, they quickly learned that their personal and professional beliefs beautifully aligned.
“Our passions lined up so crazy perfect,” says Billie Jo. “We were alike in every area—from careers to our deep faith.” The two began dating in May 2018 and in October 2018, Billie Jo opened Avon Beauty Salon next to Avon Barber Shop.The pair married the following April.
Ten years ago, Dave contemplated opening up a barber school, but at the time he lacked both the resources and knowhow to pursue his dream.

“I wasn’t where I needed to be in the barber game,” says Dave, who put the idea on the backburner and focused instead on improving his craft and connecting with clientele. Then in the summer of 2019, a friend named Edwin Veguillaasked his advice about opening a barber shop.
“We got to talking and this cross-mentorship relationship developed,” explains Dave. During their exchange, it became clear that God was leading Dave to revisit his decade-old dream. Though the desire was palpable, finances were grim.
“When we first started crunching numbers, we didn’t even have a third of what was needed,” says Dave, who likens their leap of faith to doing a triple backflip off of a diving board into concrete. Yet they went for it anyway.

“We call it ‘God-fidence’—like ‘confidence’ in God,” says Dave. “When we put everything in His hands, it all came together.”

He and Billie Jo found a prime spotto open A+ Barber School on the southwest side by Decatur Central—a location that is near and dear to Dave’s heart as his first barber shop was in that area.

The couple originally set an opening date for December 27, 2019,to coincide with ABS’ five-year anniversary. But it soon became clear that they couldn’t pull off all the necessary logistics. Once again, the couple gave it all over to Christ.

“We figured, ‘Who are we to put a timeline on God’s idea?’” saysBillie Jo. “This is allGod’s plan so it’s got to be His timing as well.”

The A+ Barber School is a full-course training that includes 1,500 hours, which a full-time student can complete in 40 weeks. 

What sets A+ Barber School apart from other barber schools is the team’s wealth of experience—Dave’s 17 years of barbering combined with Billie Jo’s 20+ years of cosmetology, along with director Tonya Collier, and Jackie Sharp & Chad Potts, well-known instructors in the area.

On top of teaching hair cutting and styling techniques, they teach interpersonal customer service skills and how to manage cash money. In addition, they emphasize the importance of punctuality, adhering to Christian values, and remaining substance-free. They also cover IRAs and retirement planning for a self-employed person.

“It’s 10 percent cutting hair and 90 percent how to do life as a barber and be successful at it,” says Dave.

The pair envision the barber school being a ministry much like ABS.

“Everything we do is to glorify God,” says Dave, who has been involved in prison ministry for nine years.

In short, Dave and Billie Jo want to be a positive influence to their students by exhibiting Christian morals and offering regular devotionals and prayers.

“It’s not a Bible college. It’s a barber college, but there is scripture on the walls!” says Billie Jo. “We want to teach folks how to be successful in the business but with their morals intact.”


At A+ Barber School there is ample parking for both students and patrons in a well-lit parking lot located in front of our building. The theory classrooms will be supplied with whiteboards, visual aids, educational charts, and seating for at least 20 students.  The clinic floor has 20 stations, shampoo area, and a waiting area with vending machines to accommodate patrons comfortably utilizing skills the students have learned under the supervision of Licensed Instructors.  Lockers are supplied for each enrolled student which are in both theory classrooms. The students and Instructors have separate break areas to use on their designated break and lunch times. A resource center is available to each student that will include a video and audio library, updated reference books, technical magazines and current hairstyle magazines. 

Licensing and Curriculum

Licensing information can be obtained by contacting:
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
402 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Milady Standard Barbering, Sixth Edition
Milady Master Educator, Third Edition
20 Channel Center Street
Boston, MA 02210

Mission Statement

A+ Barber School will train men and women of each generation of Professional Barbers to not only cut hair well, but to also be completely Shop-Ready upon graduation. Future Barbers will incorporate professional and personal goals, along with their knowledge of skills learned, to contribute to the business communities.

I took my kids in today and the students and staff were great with them.

– Jessica Sammons –

hands down best Barberschool in the city of Indianapolis

– Barber Dustman –